fun, sun, laughter and romance!

fun, sun, laughter and romance!
"God knows what would have happened if Tintin had got mixed up in all this, but Herge is evidently an influence... a charming, funny book."
~ T.E.R. ~
"The comic book artistry is magnificent... We recommend it."
~ Naturally ~
"It's like the missing link between Asterix and Milo Manara... Why aren't there more books like this?"
~ Borderline ~

fun, sun, laughter and romance!

"Henry Cobbold's mini-masterpiece... achieves a double first. It is the first nudist novel (or novella) and the first in graphic form... Recommended."
~ H&E ~

A full-colour hardback narrative comic book album

Written by Henry Cobbold
Illustrated by Tim Major
Watercoloured by Rosina Lytton
ISBN: 0-9539649-0-6

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